19 Packing Tips for Female Travelersđź’‹


A woman’s suitcase is always over weight.
That’s why he wears my jacket. Isn’t he perfect???♥

If you are woman and have the same problem, here are some tips for the perfect travel suitcase:

1. Pack the lightest luggage : The great thing about light luggage is that you can bring more of your own stuff instead of hauling around dead weight. Nobody looks cool dragging that thing up a broken escalator. Some might argue those nice hardtop suitcases and heavy duty bags protect my belongings and last forever. Well if you’ve ever glanced out your plane window at typical baggage handlers you’ll realize that no luggage can last forever under such conditions. Continue reading

Cardiff – Part II: Reaching the walls.

So finally we reached, we were in Cardiff! After being “lost” in London and finding Carlos by a coincidence while eating at Subway… we did it! Cardiff showed up to us why this city were PERFECT to our first trip together… Continue reading

Things that you will find only in United Kingdom

Here you will find the “need to know” topics and things about travelling to the United Kingdom, we based all the information in all our experience in the land of the Queen.

Continue reading

Cardiff, Wales (UK): Our first step together

We were missing each other and we couldn’t handle that feeling any more, that’s why we decided that our plans to travel the whole world together needed to start! But where? We thought in the beginning about Romania, we both have friends there who we would like to visit. But some kind of magical force made our plans to Romenia goes away for a while. That was when our minds remembered about Carlos! But who is Carlos? We will tell you about Carlos! Continue reading