Cardiff, Wales (UK): Our first step together

We were missing each other and we couldn’t handle that feeling any more, that’s why we decided that our plans to travel the whole world together needed to start! But where? We thought in the beginning about Romania, we both have friends there who we would like to visit. But some kind of magical force made our plans to Romenia goes away for a while. That was when our minds remembered about Carlos! But who is Carlos? We will tell you about Carlos!


Thiago: Carlos is my friend since we were 6 years old, we started the Basic School together in Rio de Janeiro and since that he is one of my best friends. He is doing the same exchange program as me, and was one of the most important inspirantions that I have (he was the first one who told me that could do this program too), but in Cardiff. He was also my first friend who met Anna and they both started a really nice friendship.

So that was the answer! We were going to Cardiff the capital of Wales! (God save the Queen)

Thiago using Anna’s coat. Looks great, right? No? 😦

We called Carlos, made our plans and Anna left Greece to came to meet me in Berlin. As always I was late with my luggage, that’s why you could found me packing everything till 5 a.m., with our flight scheduled to 10 a.m. Those hours without sleeping gave us really nice jokes and ideas about what to do to spend time.

To us was really easy to choose Cardiff, the hardest part is to reach Cardiff (if you are not flighting straight to there)!

From Berlin Tegel Airport you will need:

  1. a flight to London Stansted Aiport;
  2. a Transfer Bus till London Victoria Station;
  3. a 3-hours bus trip from Victoria Station to Cardiff.

But what about the costs?

Well, if you are from Europe, remember their money is a little bit expensiver than Euro. If you are from Brazil… Hahaha! We know your feeling, bro! But yeah, isn’t that impossible. Our budget wasn’t that good and we had a really good time there!

Transfer from London Stansted Airport to London Victoria Station Bus-trip from London Victoria Station to Cardiff
9.00£ per person 7.00£ ~ 14.00£

As you already know, we didn’t stayed in a hotel in Cardiff so we really can’t speak properly about that. But as a city with too many students, for the travellers who like adventure will be probably not that hard to find some couchsurfing there.

Having a place to cook you will not expend too much from your money with food in supermarkets, but if you prefer to go in some restaurants… wait for Cardiff – Part III: about a brazilian restaurant in Cardiff and our review from a real brazilian guy addicted for food and a greek girl who always eat from the healthy mediterranean cuisine.


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