Things that you will find only in United Kingdom

Here you will find the “need to know” topics and things about travelling to the United Kingdom, we based all the information in all our experience in the land of the Queen.


  • Currency, They use GBP (Great Britain Pound) so you have to exchange your money. Take a look at the conversion table at the end of our text and you will find the most common metric conversions.
  • Try not to get killed by a car, it sounds really obvious but till your third day in the Queen’s land you will probably almost cause a car crash several times (at least that happened with us) because THEY DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE! Until the 18th century almost the whole Europe used to drive on the left side, but after Napoelon’s Expansion they all changed to the right side, posers!. Britain just thought – “why should we move all those signs to the right side?” – and well, as they are a (huge) island, it wasn’t a big problem to keep in use the left side.

  • Passport controls to get into the UK, your passport or identity card will be checked when you arrive at every UK’s port or airport to make sure you’re allowed to come into the country. Unfortunately reaching a UK’s airport you will face a huge queue at Border control. For people from European Union, it will take about 40 minutes. For travellers with non-EU passports the line will be only made by 5 people, but believe me.. you will wait for at least one hour at the immigration post.The worst scenario is if you are an international couple like us. Then you and your loved one will wait alone in different waiting rooms.
  • Everything takes longer than expected. Of course, it isn’t only the queues at passport control which can delay your progress through the airport. Long waits by the baggage carrousel when you arrive; and also before your flight, at check in and security. They are all part of a system which has a tendency to herd and corale rather than speed us on our way.
  • I’m singing in the rain, if you want to sing in the rain it’s quite easy because London’s rainy days are more usual than sunny days. The only thing that you need is an umbrella, so please don’t forget to bring one.
    In case you want to dance while singing, I have the solution only for you: choose the best waterproof jacket and bring it with you. It will be more comfortable, just remember me. I would recommend you also bringing a pair of sunglasses because the weather can change several times in a single day.
  • Getting a yellow black Taxi, Black cabs are the official taxi service for London, so be careful if an unknown cab service asks for your business. Only ride in cabs where the driver has a name badge and a police-issued license on display.DSC_04382
  • Don’t call 911 for emergency, If you are not Bruce Willis it will not work cause 999 is the right emergency number. The best thing having an Emergency is first of all not having an emergency. The second one is that the Crown will pay if it’s really an emergency. If it’s not and you are admitted as a normal patient you have to pay and it will be with pounds… ='( Outside of London dial 100
  • Tips, the worst nightmare. Coffee, tea or travel tips? If the service charge is not in the bill you can ask for more information but 10-15% is enough. Tipping isn’t necessary in a pub, so it means more money for beer.
  • Avoid the parks at night and areas with poor reputations like London’s King’s Cross.

    Conversion Table: 

    1 Great British Pounds (GBP) 1 Yard
    1.56 U.S. Dollar (USD) 0.9144 Meters
    1.42 Euro (EUR)
    5.24 Brazilian Reais (BRL)
    1.50 Swiss Francs (CHF)
    5,91 Polish Zloty (PLN)
    38.9 Czech Koruna (CZK)
    440.1 Hungarian Forint (HUF)
    minions yards


    Hey, could you please tell me where is the closest bus stop? -Yaaa! You just need to walk 50 yards and turn to the right!

    Man in a Kioski

    They use a crazy metric system, don’t try to ask for distances (We ♥ Meters)


2 thoughts on “Things that you will find only in United Kingdom

  1. Good to know before you go to the UK tips! Especially the drivers, they are absolutely crazy there! We sat at our hotel looking out the window once and were totally amused at how they drive there.


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