19 Packing Tips for Female Travelers💋


A woman’s suitcase is always over weight.
That’s why he wears my jacket. Isn’t he perfect???♥

If you are woman and have the same problem, here are some tips for the perfect travel suitcase:

1. Pack the lightest luggage : The great thing about light luggage is that you can bring more of your own stuff instead of hauling around dead weight. Nobody looks cool dragging that thing up a broken escalator. Some might argue those nice hardtop suitcases and heavy duty bags protect my belongings and last forever. Well if you’ve ever glanced out your plane window at typical baggage handlers you’ll realize that no luggage can last forever under such conditions.

Buy light and don’t spend too much money(Expensive luggage gets the same beating from airline baggage handlers)

2. One bag. One carry-one : For a typical trip it’s better to pack one bag and one carry-on. Never more than what you can manage to muscle on your own . Usually if you travel for 1 month or more at a time, you will never need more than the amount you can put in one under-the-weight-limit, checked bag and one carry-on.

If you are doing a short trip don’t check a bag.It’s also so much easier to keep up with your stuff if you limit your luggage. There’s so much going on so fast when you’re traveling that one easy thing you can do for yourself is just think got my ONE bag?


3. Choose your colour : Traveling light doesn’t go well with indecisiveness. Having your entire closet at your disposal so you can wear what you are in the mood for is unfortunately NOT an option. A better option is functionality and picking pieces you can wear a ton of different ways so they feel like brand new outfits.

SHOES 👠 Sometimes the hardest thing comes down to the shoes. The best solution is brown or black shoes. Choosing a neutral base colour for your overall trip wardrobe is one of the best ways to remain a savvy packer.

Choose shoes, accessories and then try it all on👌

4. The woman who creates : Be creative, you’re on vacation after all, and nobody knows you there. You can be anyone. How many ways can you wear that scarf? Or maybe you can buy some flair once you get to your destination. More souvenirs than you think are wearable 😉

5. Keep calm and sparkle : Select a couple of jewellery items that can be interchanged with the above clothes, giving a different look each day💎.

💌Tip : Have a small jewellery pouch to keep things together and prevent tangling.

6. Take some stuff out : Say goodbye to those shoes that only work with one outfit👀.  Leave your favourite dress 👗 ( You know that you will not wear this, 99%). Take out the last T-shirts that you threw because there was still room in your suitcase👕.  You have always to leave some free space in your suitcase for good measure. It is possible to find some Must-Have pieces to add to your wardrobe or the perfect gifts for your friends & family. How are you going to get it back if closing your suitcase becomes a team effort.

7. Use the available space : In order to save space, you should put your heels and shoes in travel shoe bags, fill the empty spaces and the shoes with socks, tights and leggings you are planning on packing anyways. The travel shoe bags will also protect your shoes and your clothes.

8. Don’t pack what’s already there : Hairdryers are too heavy and the majority of hotels now come complete with one in the room. So check the hotel web site and leave it behind.

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, cotton balls are also standard included. Beach towels also fill-up half your bag, so it’s another good thing to check ahead of time.

9. Try “roughing it” : When you’re traveling you are escaping your daily routine at home . Perhaps you don’t need to pack a curling iron, and a straightener.

💄Maybe check out your makeup bag and scale down to the basics. Four different kinds of eye shadow might be overkill.

👸Ask your stylist how to simplify your hair care routine on vacations.

💼Decide to leave behind one step of your 17-step skin care regimen.

💅Go for clear nail polish instead of a french manicure ( not easy at all, 😮 )

10. Do laundry there : You don’t have to varalpack 35 pairs of underwear and socks,if you want to travel for a month. Even third world countries enjoy the pleasures of clean clothes. Any extended trip should require some sort of scrubbing whether it’s a local laundromat, hotel laundry ( usually pricey) or for the true travelers “washing it in the sink” technique. In case that you are a traveller ,you have to know that washing in the sink has some merits because you really can pack incredibly light. (Beware high humidity and slow drying.)

11. Keep rolling : If your luggage does not have a fold-out section for you to lay out your clothes, then roll them up. Rolling them seems to save space and also keeps wrinkles to a minimum.

12. Pack an expandable bag : Sometimes you may need an extra bag for souvenirs on the way back from the trip. An even greater use for a packable expandable bag is if you decide to do a mini side trip and can leave your main bag at the hotel while you’re gone. Why haul everything for a couple days when you only need a little? (Another good solution is zip-off backpacks connected to your main bag.)

13. Flight Comforts : Wherever you go, always bring a cover up for the flight. Planes can be extremely cold and trusting the weather forecast for your destination might often not be the best idea. Also, an inflatable travel pillow and a sleeping mask should be in your luggage. You just never know when you will need it and confident women are always prepared.

14. Mind the travel size : This may seem obvious to semi-professional travelers, but DO NOT bring a full-sized tube of toothpaste on your trip. Or for the carbon conscious get your own refillable vials and just quickly refill up for trip. Pretend you’re an elf that only needs tiny things. Mini makeup brushes, mini skin care and other toiletries work just as good as big ones.

Hint: PUT ALL YOUR LIQUIDS, GELS, ETC IN ZIPLOCKS!!! Even in your checked luggage.Seriously, they leak or explode and you do not want that all over your clothing.

💌TIP: Keep out a toothbrush and small toothpaste in case you get stranded somewhere. You can also put a bathing suit in your carry-on too in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

15. No Sharp Objects : Remember that you are not allowed to bring any sharp items, like pointed nail files, pocket knifes or anything else that could be considered a weapon on the plane. So please make sure that you leave that stuff at home.

💌 TIP : Use these cute rounded travel nail files to avoid trouble and stay well groomed.

1camisa6. Wear It All At Check-In : If you can handle being a bit warm at check-in, wear as much of
your luggage as you can. As soon as you get on the plane, you can take off some of the layers and relax. Why not put on 3 shirts, your heaviest jeans and your boots or sneakers and leave all the little things for the actual packing? While this is funny, it can save you money on baggage fees, and saving money means having more fun while traveling.

17. Stuff Your Pockets : Stuffing your pockets is yet another trick. Throw in your pockets your book, sunglasses, reading glasses, cosmetics and so much more. No one really will notice your jacket.

18. Keep it safe 🔒: Never put anything you would hate to lose in your checked luggage. A suitcase is easily parted from its luggage label. Always put a second one, with details of your flight and destination, inside .If two or more people are travelling, split belongings between checked luggage so if one case goes missing, each of you will still have a change of clothes.

19. No stress : So what if you failed to pack socks? Inevitably you’ll forget something. The good news is that you can buy anything you want without spending too much time. You have to love adventures while travelling,unexpected is one of them. So, relax and enjoy it. Maybe on your quest for socks you discover a fabulous dress, dance at a street festival or a beautiful place which wasn’t in your list. but PLEASE:⛔ Don’t forget your passport and visa on the day of travel ⛔ It will be a great adventure in airport but you will stay there..

✈Have fun packing and remember: You’re travelling to see something new. Everything old is insignificant.

Keep your destination in mind, not your suitcase which is travelling with you…funny-picture-fuck-it-im-leaving-325x205


29 thoughts on “19 Packing Tips for Female Travelers💋

  1. These are really great tips! Some of it are things that I already do 😀 One thing I also do is that if I ever need to pack thick coats, I often just buy them cheap at the destination that I’m heading to so that I can save on luggage weight and space. And once I come back home, I’ll just donate it to charity or sell it off to thrift stores.


  2. Really useful tips! It can be stressful figuring out what you should and shouldn’t bring, so I need to refer to your post next time I pack!


  3. From someone who barely ever does check in luggages, I say these are smart tips! I love that you included expendable bags. Most people overlook the possible shopping they’ll be doing.


  4. Packing should never be stressful but some still really find it hard so thanks for these tips. Girls will have now something to look at everytime packing becomes difficult.


  5. I love your first photo, it really made me laugh! Actually all of them did. But I really thought “roughing it” was good. We can go a few weeks without all our cosmetics and still survive. 🙂


  6. I love #4! Why not try something new and different while traveling?
    And always always leave stuff behind. There are pieces I haven’t even put on since coming to SEA two months ago. Granted, I didn’t know what I would need for work, but on my next long term trip I’m going to try to lighten my load by at least 1/3!


  7. I am absolutely obsesses with packing light and these are great suggestions. I find accessories amazing: with the right necklace or scarf a simple top can bring you from day to night. they are also often the cheapest thing to buy abroad and as you say a fun way to wear some local style 😉


  8. Some great tips- most of which I have learnt after years of experience. A big one is to never carry more than what you can manage on your own. I always ensure that my backpack isn’t so heavy that I loathe putting it on. And that has saved my butt in so many places where rolling luggage just does not work.


  9. I am so lucky to be a little bit tom boy ish ahahaha because i dont worry about jewelry make up or hairdryers…but I am down with neutral shoes and taking stuff out when you pack…i always pack my bag and then have an elimination hour with my Dad…. ahaha man advice can be helpful here 😛


  10. Wear it all at check in. I think once, coming back from England where I used to live (and those were the times when Ryanair still allowed to check in a suitcase), I had so much stuff to take back that I wore two coats, one on top of the other, and wore two pair of jeans as if they were a scarf. I looked a bit ridiculous but hey, it worked.


  11. Great tips! Take some stuff off hit me 😦 – I have been guilty of packing a lot of things I dont usually need – all because of the “what if’ this things happened, or my shoes broke… Hehheh


  12. Cool list! I definitely do the ‘wear it all’ thing last years. Which makes me totally overheating at the airport, and I always forget how unnecessary it became for me since I pack less and less every trip. Last time I was at 11 kilo’s for the suitcase on the airport – had the feeling my clothing was more heavy than my luggage 😉


  13. Ha ha, I am lucky…I’m not a proper girl! I am always good when it comes to light packing because I have hardly any shoes, no make up…just cameras and climbing equipment to find space for! I’m going to pass this on to my mum though, she is a nightmare!


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