About us

“Everything starts with a smile”.

About us:

Clicking on the “About us” tab means that you’re kind of curious not only about how a Brazilian met a Greek woman but also what made us to travel the world. No, we didn’t meet on Copacabana beach enjoying Coconut drinks,nor did we meet at Super Paradise Mykonos dancing together. Therefore leave your swimwear, take your leather jacket and bear in your mind the etuzkisteemed Berlin, a city that both lived but not at the same time. And in fact that wrong time was our big motivation…Because through that wrong time in that lovely city we met each other. Destiny? Something more? Well,then we promised to play with the global zone to find an hour that suits us. This is how we write our destiny, something like painting our map ..

In our blog you will be able to visit with us amazing places in the Earth. While you follow our life and love story, you will understand more about new cultures and will have tips about where to go, how to go, when to go… and the most essential… you will understand why to go!

We will give you the whole experience of traveling by a youthful point of view. How to visit places with a low budget and when you will need to consider expending more! From the nicest restaurant of the town ‘til the cheapest anti-hangover Kebab opened after midnight!We will show you everything a big part of our life traveling together and explain to you: that life still amazing to be loved with whom we love.

And the most important thing that you will learn from us?
How smilling can change your life! 🙂

About her:

Everything started with a shared desire of learning languages. Anna just returned from a one-year interchange in Berlin to Greece and I was fresh new in this city. I needed to learn faster as I could the German language. While that, in the other side of Europe, a pretty girl decided during the night to quit with Spanish and start learning Portuguese.

I’ve made a post in a language learning group in Facebook called “Tandem Berlin” offering help with Portuguese and accepting the same with German, I had some answers and one of them was Anna. As I said, she was living in Greece again and that’s why we would be just online-partners. Which could be really good because I would have someone almost full-time to help and to become help.

Everything was good; Anna was traveling with friends in East-Europe when she told me that she was going to Berlin to visit some other friends. Of course, it should be a great opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face using the language that we were learning.

Can you guys see it? What a perfect smile!

She invited me to a bar with where she supposed to meet some people and that sounded good to me. It was already 01 a.m. from that day and Anna was “gone”, I thought that we would probably meet other day… Suddenly a message from her asking if I was already on my way to the bar. Well, I was lying on my bed almost sleeping.

I’ve took a shower and searched on Maps the way to that place. I supposed to reach there at 03 a.m, I thought about not going but even with that idea I’ve took the train to Warschauer Straße. Reaching there, she came to meet me at the subway station. The first thing she did when she entered through the door of the station was to smile to me… God, what a smile! Was the most perfect smile that I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

I was introduced to some friends of Anna, we all talked a little bit and had some beers. It was a good night, even with the guy who tried to stole my pocket in the subway.

After that night, I invited her to watch a Brazilian movie in my place, was Sunday and we had nothing to do and nowhere to go. We talked a lot ‘till the morning, the movie was indicated one time for the Oscars but it seemed so boring when if you compare with the option of talking with her. In that morning, I stole her a kiss.

We started to know more about each other, to realize that we had many things in common, to notice that we shared the same way of thinking about life… Every day was like an entire life with her. So well, the next step was obvious and we started to date.

But what about the blog? Well, in the middle of all this things that we shared,  was a deep passion for traveling, new cultures and new places. That’s why we started this project together… I just can imagine one person to share all these new experiences with all those new countries, and she is already with me.

About him:

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